And so it begins

I‘ll tell you what. When I pictured myself starting this blog, I had a whole lot of ideas on what I would write about. Product reviews. Personal experience. Tips & tricks. Lists- lots of lists! Easy and quick recipes. Breastfeeding advice.. basically, a little bit of everything a Mama could need.

What I DIDN’T consider was how to begin this first post. Over the years, I have seen and read countless blogs, but by the time I discover them, they are always well-established: finding the first post is just about impossible, so I’m going in blind.

I guess I’ll start with the basics. My name is Catherine, but most people call me Cat. I am a 29 year old from Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. In 2012, I met my husband, Jay, at work. We got married 4 years later, and in May of 2017, we found out we were expecting.

I’ve wanted to be a mom for about as long as I can remember. Some people have great big career aspirations – me, I just wanted to have a family. So we have been over the moon. My husband Jay is a business owner and entrepreneur, which means he is really busy. He is, however, a wonderful partner and father and I’m so lucky to be sharing this life with him.

I have been incredibly fortunate to spend the last 10 months or so at home with my son, Samuel, being completely amazed by him and very smitten. Every day, I try my best to consolidate all my roles: wife. mother. daughter. friend. employee. supervisor. sister. I guess all these roles are part of me, and always have been and always will be, but now it’s a matter of juggling them. Wearing different hats. Being ME, while also being everything else. It isn’t easy.. but it’s so damn beautiful.

3 thoughts on “And so it begins

    1. Thanks for sharing!! I love that! It’s crazy to think of how things have changed. I did read your post about how you saw a big change in your blog traffic after “coming out” as a blogger. I hope one day I’ll have the courage (and enough material, haha!) to do the same.

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